Bespoke Integration

Bespoke Integration is a software solution created for a specific user. These software solutions are made and tailored entirely to your exact specifications

Beyond Access

Beyond Attendance allows for integration with various payroll systems. We also offer a mobile app that is perfect to track small mobile teams without…

Single Sign On

SuperSign offers biometric security for digital applications. Passwords are easily forgotten, shared, and even stolen. Using fingerprints as access to applications…

Digital Site management

“Visitor Management is about controlling access, knowing who’s in the building, and making employees accountable for their visitors ”

– Ron Orchid

POPIA Compliance Solutions

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires all organizations (private and public) to adhere to the regulation’s key principles when processing personal information that…


Keep your business on track with strategic dashboards that monitor your critical KPIs. Interactive dashboards help you analyze your business, revealing new opportunities and hidden threats.


The design parameters ranged from basic management principles such as identifying and tagging, physical location, value, and utilization to the requirements as stipulated in the Public Finance Management Act of 1999 (PFMA).