Key Features

Digital trumps paper when it comes to security

Replace paper based sign in books

A digital system provides an audit trail that’s easy to create and access, resulting in more accurate information about your visitors

Speed of sign-in

A quick scan of the SAVL disc and the SADL is all it takes to collect the necessary information to record their visit to the facility.

Real-time Reports

Know what happens, when it happens

Early notification about unwanted visitors

Blacklist unwanted visitors by blacklisting their vehicles by Registration number and/or South African Identity Number.

"Visitor Management is about controlling access, knowing who's in the building, and making employees accountable for their visitors " - Ron Orchid


SAVL & SADL are digitally scanned, thus eliminating errors


Saves trees, water and electricity by eliminating paper based registers

Add a Photo

The photo from the SADL is stored and allows security personnel to easily view it later for investigations


Features like visitor sign-in helps to keep your property secure. It screens against unwelcome visitors.

Reliable Information

Paper sign in can result in incorrect or inaccurate information, Infinitum removes that

Returning Visitors

Returning visitors are recognized immediately. All visitor information is saved in the electronic visitor management system

Your gate is your first line of defence

The single-most important security point in any business park


Accurately and quickly capturing visitors’ vehicle and drivers license information


Authenticating their ID or credentials.


Performing discrete security checks using watch lists (Blacklist and Whitelist)


Creating visitor profiles that feature the visitor’s photo, name, SAID, SAVL and destination


Allowing employees to register visitors online ahead of time – and be notified electronically when a visitor arrives


POPI Compliant. Other visitors can’t read your logbook and gain confidential information about your clients.


Information written in the logbook can be illegible – or false


Logbooks lead to frustration in capturing data, costly error and is normally very time consuming.


Rugged Android PDA terminal with an IP65-rating.

Rugged design

The SH95 Scanner can afford multiple drop (impact) up to 1.5m

5MP Camera

High resolution digital camera for taking picture when needed.

IP 65

IP65 sealing complete protection against dust and splashing liquid

Barcode Scanner

2D CMOS Scanner supporting PDF417 for SADL and SAVL


It has integrated 3 scanning trigger keys which is facility to capture the barcode data when and where you need it


3.8 V 3800mAh large capacity battery for critical requirements


Gate App

Easy to use, Low learning curve, Accurate


Scans the South African Vehicle License Disc


Scan the driver of the vehicles South African Drives License


Select a destination and viola. Accurate information in a flash

Online Portal

Visitor Management at your fingertips

Our powerful and intuitive web dashboard allows you to configure your devices, location settings, add hosts, send messages and view live & past activity at your location. Run reports instantly.

You can set up multiple locations under one account. Infinitum is ideal for single or multiple gates as well as multiple tenants and site.

Move your Visitor Management online!

  • Web interface to all reports in real time
  • Live dashboard which shows all transactions
  • Integrated into access control and security system
  • Mobile ready
  • Replace paper-based system
  • Verify Identities of visitors and contractors as well as their vehicles
  • Invite visitors easily using a mobile app
  • Blacklist unwanted guests and get notified when they arrive
  • Provide timed Access Tokens to visitors
  • POPI compliant
  • Suitable for all industries
  • Ensure your entrances are secure and managed properly
  • Integrated into easy to use, intelligent hardware

Rugged, intelligent mobile computer

  • Rugged Android handheld device for management of visitors and contractors
  • Fully integrated into the software platform
  • Scans 1D and 2D barcodes, which includes ID’s and vehicle licenses
  • 4G LTE, HSPA+, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Custom designed easy to use interface
  • Long lasting battery life
  • IP65 Rated
  • Compatible with printers, software, communications and other peripherals, ensuring a comprehensive business solution