Main Office


MJC AGRI HUB. Being the difference with licensed technology specialising in direct marketing channel by utilising the community co-operative marketing method.


MJC AGRI HUB has a life long dream to overcome and eradicate poverty with experience and breakthrough technology.


“Food security will be the greatest challenge to civilization this century, with food shortages leading to higher prices, political instability and mass migration” warn scientists, farmers and academics.

Our Vision

To facilitate and contribute to the Agriculture Development with the support of vibrant and sustainable partnerships sharing common priorities to creating sustainable jobs in the African continent with our licenced Technology.

Our Mission

To advance and empower MJC AGRI HUB and being the difference;

To co-operate and /or collaborate with different stakeholders in building the Small Scalable Farming Community and Cooperative Movement;

To advocate and engage organs of the state, the private sector and stakeholders on behalf of MJC AGRI HUB regarding matters they have an interest in;

To assist communities in improving their quality of life and increase their sustainable income model.

MJC Agri Hub and Projects will enable small scale farmers to support socio-economic development, particularly in rural communities and towns. By contributing to national rural development through uplifting rural economies through procurement of locally produced meat and fresh produce – produced by emerging and co-operative farmers.

This project will revitalize agriculture and the agro-processing value supply chain, while unlocking the potential of SMME’s, township- and rural enterprises.

This highly controlled efficient small-scale farming methods minimize risk and will assist small scale farmers with supply chain management and procurement of agriculture products, goods and services locally. This will uplift the local economy’s spending and salaries in these rural areas, that will assist to alleviate poverty. As MJC Agri Hub our focus is on developmental skills transfer, ownership and sustainable mentoring based on monitoring through technology.

The MJC Agri Hub Project provides community engagement, stakeholder co-ordination and structural requirements towards creating viable sustainable local economies. This movement will allow for the formation of farming co-operatives for sourcing of labour from the rural communities and will assist in the skills development and upliftment in the communities. Thus, allowing the small-scale farmers to co-ordinate off-take agreements with these sustainable projects to include emerging farmers as MJC Agri Hubs service providers. By developing the individuals taking part in these projects, they will play an important and valuable role in maturing and socializing young adults and providing a stable environment in which to enhance the education of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This concept supports commercial farmers, small-scale or emerging farmers to join hands in co-operatives together with military Agri-villages for former military personnel, co-located to military units to provide additional services that will reside in a co-operative.

The implementation of this concept will make a significant contribution to the developmental agenda of Agriculture and Government without distracting Government from its core business.