Infinitum Solutions has a variety of products that cater to Biometric Enrolment ranging from fingerprint and palm, to iris scanners. Whether for access control at the office, to take time & attendance records or protect valuable information, biometric products are the first-line security of the future.

The process of enrolment will depend on the system and software being used, but is typically a very quick process. Enrolment refers to capturing the particular individual’s information such as fingerprints, palm or eye print by means of a scanning device and storing this information in a database for future cross-referencing.

Creating the reference template

Biometric enrolment creates a reference against which all follow-on transactions are checked. Keep in mind that:

  • Biometric images are personal information
  • Personal information is subject to regulatory requirements
  • Image quality must comply with IQS standards
  • True Reflective Images (TRI) comply with international standards
  • WSQ image compression is permissible
  • Verify Identities of visitors and contractors as well as their vehicles
  • Accurate template extraction is key to successful matching
  • False minutia increases risk and exposure
  • Open standards ensure system interoperability
  • Infinitum Solution's expertise and support will help you comply