Morpho Top


An expert's know-how

World's #1 company in the field of fingerprint-based biometrics, with innovative capabilities acknowleged worldwide, IDEMIA has acquired a thorough experience in designing and manufacturing biometric devices (over 100,000 slap fingerprint units and over 3,000,000 fingerprint sensors sold worldwide). With more than 1 billion people recorded across the globe, our technical teams know the importance of image quality, when enrolling applicants.

MTop has been designed to capture 4 fingers simultaneously or capture rolled fingerprints.

Easy to use and to set-up

  • Captures 4 fingers simultaneously
  • Captures rolled fingers
  • Software for fingerprint sequencing according to international standards
  • Compliant with FBI IAFIS-IQS, ANSI-NIST and ISO standards
  • Optimises enrolment time for 10 finger enrolment
  • Standalone ergonomic desktop reader
  • Image and template processing using world leading algorithms
  • Integration support available from Ideco