MorphoAccess VP

Access Control

The first access control terminal combining finger vein and fingerprint

MorphoAccess VP by IDEMIA brings for the first time the benefits of the finger vein/fingerprint multimodal technology to your physical access control systems, in any kind of environment.

Universal and easy-to-adopt: it is well suited to individuals who experience difficulties with mono-modal devices while offering the same simplicity and ease of use as for fingerprints alone.

Unrivalled accuracy: by reducing the probability of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors, it allows a very high security level without affecting comfort of use.

@FAR=10-4, FRR is 10 times lower than with the best of the 2 modalities

Resistance to spoofing: this innovative technology combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each biometrics and also makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion.

  • Ground-breaking multimodal biometric security
  • Unrivalled accuracy, security and performance
  • 5,000 - 10,000 enrolled personnel (two fingers per person)
  • Multifactor authentication (Cards and Fingerprints)
  • Networked and power over Ethernet
  • IP65 rated subject to mounting conditions
  • Easy to integrate into existing access control solutions